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Residual Marketing And Your Logo

By having your logo and company name on a quality promotional item like the 31 Piece Compact Household Tool Kit. Its features which includes measuring tape 5mx19mm, 6 inch combination pliers, 8Oz claw hammer, 8 inch adjustable wrench, torch 3xAAA, digital electric tester 12-250v, 6 inch long nose pliers, 8 inch scissors, 18mm utility knife, 6 piece precision screwdrivers, 2 piece screwdrivers 6x100, 2 piece screwdrivers 3x75, electrical tape 5mx1.5cm, hardware box, 9 piece hex key, compact carry case and ability of repairing make it an ideal residual marketing tool because your clients will remember your company every time they use it.

Product Details

  • Product Size: 38 x 31 x 9 cm
  • Imprint Size: Screen Printing(Can be reduce or increase)
  • Imprint Method: 38 x 31 x 9 cm
  • Packing Method: Box Packing
  • Product Features: Measuring Tape 5mx19mm, 6 Inch Combination Pliers, 8Oz Claw Hammer, 8 Inch Adjustable Wrench, Torch 3xAAA, Digital Electric Tester 12-250v, 6 Inch Long Nose Pliers, 8 Inch Scissors, 18mm Utility Knife, 6 Piece Precision Screwdrivers, 2 Piece Screwdrivers 6x100, 2 Piece Screwdrivers 3x75, Electrical Tape 5mx1.5cm, Hardware Box, 9 Piece Hex Key, Compact Carry Case
  • Product Material: Carbon Steel, Cr-v Plastic, Ferro Nickel

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Right Tool For The Job

A 31 Piece Compact Household Tool Kit is the best promotional item to send your clients. Constructed of carbon steel, cr-v plastic, ferro nickel, even your most selective clients will appreciate its quality construction and will be sure to use it.

Impressing With Promoting

The 31 Piece Compact Household Tool Kit is a high quality promotional tool that is constructed of carbon steel, cr-v plastic, ferro nickel. It is not only a great item to represent your company, but its quality construction ensures that your company name and logo will be well received.

A Prospecting Tool Of Quality

Increasing your chances that potential clients and prospects will receive your promotional item positively is easy with the 31 Piece Compact Household Tool Kit. Constructed of carbon steel, cr-v plastic, ferro nickel, your logo will not only get there, but it will create a positive first impression.

The Durable Item

A 31 Piece Compact Household Tool Kit is the perfect promotional item for your marketing campaign. With Box Packing and coming in 38 x 31 x 9 cm product dimension with 2 x 8 x 0 inch imprint size that is done by Screen Printing method, this item is not only useful to your clients and prospects, it is also well constructed which means it will be with them for an extended time.

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